Capture It On A Canon Camera

Capture It On A Canon Camera



You want to see the world. You must see it. The place in which we all share the experience of life on the one little ball as beautiful as this must be seen. Realizing that you could walk all the way from Canada to Argentina is such an incredible feeling. That the Eiffel Tower exists on the same landmass as the Gobi Desert. We are all connected and there is so much out there to discover and so much to see that you’ll feel the need to capture it on a Canon camera or paint a picture of it or write it down on paper and even make songs about it.


To not travel and capture the world in modern times is something more ancient man would blame us for. Not only are we able to travel quite freely all over the globe but it’s much safer to do so than ever before. Long ago people could fear highway robbers and diseases as well as loss of food or clean drinking water to even changing seasons. Even settlers crossing North America to settle places west along the Oregon Trail had so man incredible hardships that we no longer have to think of almost at all.


Travel however does come with a bit of a learning curve. The price to get from place to place differs based on your methods of travel of course. Taking a plane may prove to be the quickest and cheapest with the largest down payment on tickets however the thought of traveling by car might appeal to you when you think all you have to do is start driving. The further you go and the more time it takes to get there you’ll realize that gas prices add up and perhaps you may run into unexpected repairs as well as the cost of food need to make the trip comfortable. Trains and ships are also methods of moving yourself across the globe yet they’re the least interesting to most since they take more time than a plane yet less than a car and they provide the least amount of decision making unlike taking your own car.


Don’t be afraid of the world you inhabit. It’s here for us and while we can we should do our best to document it and record it to share with those who have yet to come and see it for themselves. It changes everyday.



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